Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm always thankful for many things, but this year, family is certainly highest on the list.

Maya - 27 weeks old

Maya - 26 weeks old

Preschool Thanksgiving

Nolan's preschool had a Thanksgiving feast. Nolan discovered that he REALLY likes pumpkin pie!

6 months old

At 6 months old, Maya is rolling all over the floor, eating purees (her favorites are fruits - apple and pear), she babbles and coos and will sit up unsupported for a few seconds at a time. She's getting so big and strong...hard to believe just 6 months ago she was a teeny tiny newborn.

Baby burrito

This girl is on the move and likes to take her blanket with her!

Maya - 25 weeks old

Great imagination

Nolan loves anything to do with trucks these days. So our creative boy turned our kitchen stools into big rigs for himself and Bandit.

Happy Halloween

Nolan's first Halloween was a success. He actually liked dressing up! Daddy took him to a few houses and then Mommy took a turn with him. He did great! Ringing doorbells and saying "trick or treat" and "thank you." After he was home for the night, he really enjoyed seeing all the other trick or treaters in their costumes coming to our house.

Pumpkin carving time

Maya - 24 weeks old


We braved the road with the kiddos to visit PopPop and Ellen in Tennessee. After a challenging 12 hour drive, we enjoyed 3 great days before heading home again.

Maya - 23 weeks old

Story time

Pumpkin patch

 Nolan's preschool took a trip to a local pumpkin patch for some fall fun

First foods

Look at that face! This will take some getting used to.

Maya - 22 weeks old


Maya - 21 weeks old

Family time

Getting crafty

Nolan (with some help from Mommy and Daddy) made a paper garland for fall

Maya - 20 weeks old