Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparents Day!

Let's paint!

More tummy time

Tickle, tickle

Maya is getting pretty good at sitting up (with just a little assistance)

These fingers taste good...

Let's go to preschool!

Nolan's first day of preschool was a success. We had no tears when Mommy dropped him off, but there were some tears when Mommy picked him up. He wanted Mommy to stay at preschool and play with him...he didn't want to go home. But we're taking that as a good sign!

All ready to go!

"No go home. Mommy stay and play!"                                     Being silly before going home.

Maya - 16 weeks old

Labor Day fun

Lazy boy

Nolan recently discovered the recliner - it's his new favorite chair (and sometimes it's a slide).


Someone is excited for preschool to start!

Cardboard box fun

We got Nolan a new big boy booster seat - he was much more excited by the boxes it came in!

Look at my cuties!

Maya - 15 weeks old


Time to have some fun with cousin Nora - she's just 7 weeks younger than Maya.


We knew there was a reason to hang onto all those race medals. Nolan really enjoys playing with them!

Maya - 14 weeks old

Laundry basket fun

It's story time

Tummy time

Brother and sister

Nolan really does love his baby sister. He likes to make her smile and giggle. He likes to sing to her and give her toys. He likes to touch her tiny hands and feet. It's so sweet!

Maya - 13 weeks old


I guess we don't need the swaddle anymore


"I paying bills on my computer, Mommy."


The whole time we were taking pictures, Maya couldn't stop staring at her big brother. It's her favorite thing to do!

Maya - 12 weeks old